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May 2009: PB Americas and Draper & Associates selected to continue in their support of Florida's Turnpike Enterprise

PB Americas, with Draper & Associates (Draper) as the supporting firm, has been selected to continue their engagement with Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) - managing the Construction & Materials Engineering Construction Management Contract.  PB Americas has performed in this role for the past 17 years, with Draper’s involvement since June of 2006.  This most recent contract has put the PB Americas FTE Team in a position to state that “we have more than 200 years of combined experience providing construction management services exclusively to Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise!”  And Draper & Associates is proud to be a contributing factor to this rare claim. 

As with all long term relationships, identification and implementation of innovative techniques becomes a paramount component of client services. In support of innovative practices, Draper & Associates recommended (with significant assistance from PB and Kimley-Horn Associates) converting a set of FTE two-dimensional design drawings into a three-dimensional (3-D) format.  The 3-D depiction then integrated animation and the actual construction schedule to produce a four dimensional computer model that displayed the sequence of construction activities, the Traffic Control Plans, and the schedule duration in a single electronic format.  The result was the animation of 18 months of work that could be visualized in one and one-half minutes.

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Over the past three years Draper & Associates has been providing the following services to FTE:  constructability reviews, coordination of plan development between the Design and Construction Departments, current contract issue resolution, claims analysis, litigative review support, construction management, and utility coordination services.  The key Draper Team members in this engagement have been Ron Bell, Ken Hudson, and Vince Krepps

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the PB Americas/Draper FTE Team, we now have the privilege of continuing in our support of Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise for the next five years.

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