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  John Rickards to Provide Claims and Litigation Support Services to the Birmingham, Alabama Region

John Rickards, long time consulting partner with Draper & Associates in our Atlanta, Georgia office, is now based in the Firm’s Birmingham, Alabama location and will be available to our clients as an experienced claims professional in the Birmingham area.  Mr. Rickards has more than 30 years of construction management and claims experience and has contributed to more than 20 litigation and claims projects during his association with Draper & Associates.  He will have the full resources of the Draper & Associates’ team at his disposal to service your claims and litigation support needs.

Should you have any need for claims or litigation support services, please contact Draper & Associates’ Birmingham Office at:

3500 Blue Lake Drive
Suite 260
Birmingham, AL 35243



If you are interested in learning more about how our consultants can help your organization realize results you can reach us via the Contact Us page.


Thank you for your interest in Draper & Associates.



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