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  Georgia Institute of Technology - 1996 Olympic Village
  Atlanta, Georgia
  INDUSTRY: Sports & Entertainment
  SERVICE AREA(S): Construction Program Management; Scheduling/Project Controls; Strategic/Operational Planning

Draper & Associates played a pivotal role in the State of Georgia 's participation in the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. The Georgia Institute of Technology, located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, served as the site of the 1996 Olympic Village. The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia selected Draper & Associates to create and implement an integrated planning process to manage the University's preparations.

Draper & Associates has detailed expertise in managing large, complex construction programs for government clients. To ensure success on this project, Draper & Associates established an integrated project management system which worked as an extension of the University's existing engineering staff. The project team successfully designed, bid, and initiated construction on all projects in a $169 million construction program.

Draper & Associates' management system facilitated Georgia Tech's preparations for hosting the Olympic Village in several areas. First, the University had to construct new housing for 4700 students, almost doubling the on-campus student housing population. To accomplish this program, Draper & Associates had to compress the University's ten-year construction program into three years. The program included negotiating with the City of Atlanta for over sixteen separate rights-of- way, negotiating the purchase of several acres of land in Techwood Homes from the Atlanta Housing Authority, and coordinating demolition of structures listed on the National Historic Register. The acquisition program required two separate condemnation actions which were conducted by the State Attorney General.

The Draper & Associates management system controlled the program during all phases of architectural selection, design, bidding, and construction. The program combined the efforts of eight major architectural teams working concurrently on fifteen separate projects which ranged in size from $2.5 to $75 million. Draper & Associates developed the optimum strategy for packaging construction projects to minimize conflicts, maximize market competition, and ensure proper project coordination. Georgia Tech's program included a doubling of the campus utility infrastructure and substantial upgrades to exiting systems.

In addition to the new housing construction, Draper & Associates managed a $30.1M program encompassing the renovation of twenty-two campus residence halls and six apartment buildings, the construction of a new chiller plant, and the upgrade of utilities on both East and West Campuses.

During the construction phase, Draper & Associates managed the interaction between the Owner, Architect, and Contractor to ensure timely resolution of all issues and to keep the Owner informed on the status of the work. All University services had to continue uninterrupted for the duration of the program. All programs were completed on schedule prior to the opening of the Olympic Village.

In support of another major element of the Georgia Tech program, Draper & Associates served as the management agent for the FutureNet project, a major upgrade to the campus communications infrastructure needed by 1996. The FutureNet project combines the voice, data, and video distribution systems into a single, integrated fiber optic system. This integration of voice, data, and video services has made the University a national showcase for communications technology.

A third major element of the program involved Draper & Associates assisting Georgia Tech in organizing the 1996 Summer Academic Session. The Georgia Institute of Technology conducted a full summer academic session during the summer of 1996, even though the main campus was occupied by the Olympic Village. In order to provide continuous educational services, Draper & Associates facilitated the preparation of plans to conduct classes at alternate locations in and around Atlanta . Draper & Associates' management methods helped plan and control the hundreds of issues involving faculty, staff, students, equipment and facilities.



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