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  Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games - Airport Welcome Center
  Atlanta, Georgia
  INDUSTRY: Sports & Entertainment
  SERVICE AREA(S): Strategic/Operational Planning; Program/Project Management; Construction Project Management; Operations Management

Draper & Associates provided planning, programming, design and construction, and operational management services for the Airport Welcome Center (AWC), a key venue during the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. AWC served as a transportation, accreditation and hospitality hub for more than 100,000 Olympic Family members arriving at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport (HAIA). This $10 million venue occupied 40 acres at HAIA including 250,000sf of conditioned space as well as a 100-bay passenger bus terminal. During more than two months of operation, the AWC served 65,000 meals to 1,400 staff and volunteers, handled 225,000 pieces of luggage and more than 20 tons of excess baggage.

Draper & Associates coordinated the integration effort with all key departments and agencies, identified and tracked key activities and responsibilities and provided schedule and cost control processes to keep the project on track. Services provided by the Draper team included:


  • Coordinated the concept development process and initial feasibility analyses
  • Developed and led the programming, schematic design, constructability and construction budget development processes
  • Developed the operational plan and associated budget
  • Developed the venue logistics plan, integrating program areas such as Transportation, Logistics and Security

Design and Construction

  • Served as construction manager for the project providing all schedule, budget and change controls
  • Led all design review/approval processes
  • Managed the value engineering process resulting in over $1.5 M of savings
  • Coordinated with local governments, airport and airline management, the Federal Aviation Administration and Corporate Sponsors on design and operational issues


  • Developed and implemented a training program for staff and volunteers
  • Defined and managed the phased set-up and occupation of the facilities
  • Managed the day-to-day operations of the entire venue
  • Managed the retrofit of all facilities and dissolution of assets

Under Draper & Associates' program management direction, the development and operation of the AWC was an overwhelming success, resulting in final approved budget savings of $900,000.



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