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Auburn University - Space Management Software Initiative

Auburn, Alabama

  INDUSTRY: Higher Education
  SERVICE AREA(S): CMMS/CAFM Integration & Implementation; Program/Project Management; Software Procurement Managment; Needs Analysis

The Challenge

As part a larger engagement to assist Auburn University in developing the Office of Campus Planning & Space Management, Draper consultants identified issues with how the University collected, maintained and used space data. The primary decision making tool for the Office was accurate, timely data that could be easily accessed and manipulated. The University was collecting and storing all space related data in an Access Database that did not provide the stability, reliability and reporting capabilities required to make informed space related decisions. Policies and procedures had not been developed for the ongoing survey of space to ensure that the data within the system was accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, the space data was not integrated with the AUTOCAD drawings of the campus buildings.

Auburn University realized that it had outgrown the current system and needed to procure a robust Space Management System to assist in space management decision making. The University engaged Draper & Associates to manage the procurement and implementation of the new system.


The Draper Approach

Phase I - Procurement

The initial phase of the project was to facilitate the procurement process for the University. Based upon experience with other major software implementations, the Draper consultants realize that thorough Needs Analysis is critical to the success of software implementation. As such, our consultants worked with the key decision makers, stakeholders and users to develop a complete list of requirements relative to the new software. Working with the University's Procurement Department, the Draper staff crafted a Request for Proposal in additional to a scorecard to allow the decision makers to grade the available products. Since one of the parameters of this initiative was to focus on off-the-shelf software, Draper examined commercially available products to assess their existing capabilities as well as compatibilities with other campus software. The Draper consultants facilitated vendor presentations and provided a summary of the different presentations. Upon selection of the vendor, Draper assisted the University in the development of the Scope of Work and Contract as well as participating in contract negotiations. The Draper support provided during the selection process assisted in selecting the software that best met the needs of Auburn University

Phase II - Implementation

The Draper consultant prepared and delivered a presentation on the business goals and objectives of this software initiative to the University's senior leadership. In preparation for implementation of this space management software, Draper has also accomplished the following:  

  • Created the project plan
  • Established the project team
  • Developed the milestones and project schedule
  • Established the business goals and objectives
  • Defined the success criteria
  • Conducted a project risk assessment  

Implementation has begun for ARCHIBUS/FM, a fully integrated, web-based suite of space management and planning solutions. The new system will utilize best-in-class technology in support of key business objectives for CP&SM in the areas of Capital Projects Planning, Campus Master Planning, Space Planning & Management and Real Estate Planning.

The initial stage of this project was a pilot phase focused on integrating space data with AutoCAD drawings for the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Human Sciences. The goal of the project is to have nearly 8 million square feet of Auburn 's main campus classroom, research, and office facilities, being managed in ARCHIBUS/FM within a year.

In addition to the implementation services provided, the Draper consultant was responsible for training the systems users throughout the University.

Phase III - Ongoing Management & Support

Since the space management system went "live", the Draper consultants have also been serving in a staff extension role for University responsible for the day-to-day management of the system. The Draper consultants are also responsible for development of the processes associated with the annual survey required to update the data in the system.


Results Realized

For the Draper Team, this project has been two-pronged, requiring an expertise in developing sound business process solutions combined with the capability to leverage today's technology in support of Auburn University 's business needs. Utilizing the Draper principles of accountability, objectivity and control - the answer was simple.

  • First, by providing universal access to valuable information and business tools, all end users and university constituents will become more accountable for their functions relating to space assignment, utilization, inventory control, and planning.
  • Second, utilizing this technology offers a mechanism for university constituents to make objective decisions, based on quantifiable, accurate and timely information.
  • And third, the utilization of state-of-the art technology, combined with sound business processes, procedures and standards as agents of control allow for university end users to foresee future strategic needs, based on accurate, reliable and timely date



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