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  INDUSTRY: Office Buildings
  SERVICE AREA(S): Construction Program Management; Scheduling/Project Controls

Phase I of the Wohistetter Technology Park built in the Westfields International Corporate Center at Dulles consisted of two buildings and associated infrastructure. Building One, a 500,000 square foot office building designed to accommodate 1400 employees, featured a five-story atrium topped with a 50' x 150'space frame. The structure was poured-in-place concrete with a glass and granite exterior. State of the art electrical design protected the operation of the project from potential local power failure. Otis Elevators installed a prototype elevator system using AC induction motors. High security areas in the basement level support special projects.

Building A, designed as the Commons Building for further Park development, consisted of 70,000 square feet and housed the kitchen, cafeteria, and dining facilities as well as a Fitness Center for Contel employees. An auditorium, designed to accommodate secure conferences was located on the first level.

Services provided by Draper & Associates consisted of developing, planning and monitoring design, and a complete set of project controls including construction scheduling. Tenant relocation services included:

  • Relocation Plan - A comprehensive Relocation and Phased Occupancy Plan for the relocation of 1,400 personnel from five major locations. This plan consolidated planning of heretofore-autonomous organizations and integrated of planning activities of the various Project Team members.

  • Furniture Inventory - An inventory of Contel Federal Systems' existing furniture, affixing bar code numbers and recording descriptive information. Data was then loaded into a dBase program for manipulation and tracking.

  • Space Planning - Assisted in the development of the initial space standards for Building I. Reviewed each division's requirements and integrated them into a plan to re-program Building I for 1990.

  • New Furniture Tracking and Receipt - Coordinated scheduling, delivery, and placement of new furniture in the building. This process required daily tracking of all requests for additional items and coordination with the systems furniture and case goods vendors on behalf of Contel Federal Systems.

  • Move Coordination - Organized and chaired the Move Committee meetings for seven phased move groups, developed occupancy plans for each move group, and revised them as changes occurred. Acting as the client's representative, provided on-site supervision of all move weekend activities to ensure each group was fully operational on the following business day.



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