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Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  INDUSTRY: Airports
  SERVICE AREA(S): Construction Project Management; Scheduling Project Controls

The Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport was one of the most intricate projects managed by Draper & Associates .

The expansion and improvement of the Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport was projected to cost approximately $260 million. What made the project both intricate and unique is the fact that the new airport was built literally "on top of" the old airport, yet the existing airport had to maintain full operations.

The project consisted of three unit terminals: North, West and South, each being two levels high with a total area of approximately 800,000 square feet, and included all airline operations and passenger services. The unit terminals and a separate multi-level parking structure are served and connected by a new five-lane, two-level terminal drive which interfaces with a new access road system and is tied into a new highway system.

Additional aspects of the project included provision of new rental car areas, relocation of U.S. Highway Number "1", relocation of the Florida East Coast Railroad mainline, and construction of new concrete aircraft aprons and a new fuel hydrant system.

Nearly all elements of this project were constructed where current airport operations existed, and these operations were fully maintained throughout the duration of the project. Consequently, phasing was difficult and required very careful planning and scheduling. The project was completed on schedule and $40 million under budget.

Draper & Associates' services included the scheduling and coordination of all activities and agencies involved. Specifically:

During the Planning and Programming Phase

  • Define specific goals and assignments
  • Make recommendations regarding optimizing function, time and cost
  • Assist with the organization of the project team
  • Prepare a linear responsibility chart
  • Assure that impact statements, permits and other required documents are processed and submitted
  • Schedule and coordinate land acquisition and ensure timely availability for start of construction

During the Design Phase

  • Develop detailed design and preliminary construction schedules
  • Identify long lead-time equipment and materials
  • Evaluate design progress and status
  • Arrange and participate in formal design, scheduling, cost reviews
  • Review element costs and assist in maximizing value of facilities obtained
  • Assist in the preparation and issue of detailed cost reports and analyses as determined necessary to maintain proper cost control
  • Develop detailed specifications for project phasing and schedule and cost control during construction
  • Review plans for constructibility and maintenance of airport operations

During the Construction Document Phase

  • Provide overall construction schedules that define phasing methodology
  • Assist in advertising for bids
  • Assist in processing bids and contracts through the purchasing system
  • Assist in the evaluation of bids
  • Participate in pre-bid conferences
  • Assure that all steps are carried out in accordance with county procedures

During the Construction Phase

  • Develop organizational relationships among all groups involved in the project
  • Identify long lead-time equipment and materials
  • Assist in stimulating time and cost reduction proposals
  • Assist the contractors in the development of detailed schedules of construction activities
  • Hold regularly scheduled bi-weekly or more frequent project control meetings to ensure schedule progress is maintained
  • Provide summary report of project status meetings
  • Hold special meetings as required
  • Make recommendations to resolve conflicts and solve problems
  • Review and track all change orders
  • Cost-load the construction schedule and prepare cost reports and cash flow analyses to maintain project cost control
  • Ensure proper coordination among all contractor and other activities
  • Schedule and monitor inspection and acceptance activities
  • Conduct and maintain the agenda for Executive Steering Committee meetings

During the Operational and Startup Phases

  • Develop detailed schedules for occupancy of new facilities and demolition of old to expedite phased move-ins and minimize occupancy delays and interference with day-to-day airport operations
  • Coordinate and monitor the transfer of control of building systems from contractors to the Airport Authority


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