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Greensboro-High Point Airport


Greensboro , North Carolina

  INDUSTRY: Airports
  SERVICE AREA(S): Construction Project Management

The Greensboro-High Point Airport Authority launched a major expansion of its facilities by construction of a new passenger terminal complex. Draper & Associates provided management support for this $89 million program that included not only the terminal building itself, but also the associated concourse, roadways, and parking facilities, and a new cargo building. Selection of Draper & Associates for this role was made after a careful review by the Authority of the Draper & Associates involvement in the "ahead of schedule" completion achieved on the Hartsfield Atlanta Midfield Passenger Terminal Complex Program. As in Atlanta , the Airport Authority was faced with control of a large, complex project requiring the coordination of many different participants both commercial and governmental.

By this early decision of organizing the project to take advantage of Draper & Associates' Atlanta experience, the Authority enabled Draper & Associates to perform the advanced planning and interfacing required for sound schedule control and work coordination among governmental agencies, the Architect, multiple prime contractors and their many subcontractors.

Draper & Associates provided a resident, on-site team to assure constant support of this tightly scheduled project. Work coordination, progress review and other meetings were chaired by Draper & Associates at least bi - weekly, more frequently when needed, to maintain the construction tempo. Here Near Term Detail schedules and Trend Charts were constantly developed to maintain compliance with the Overall Project Schedule. These identified project problems, and allowed their correction through the interaction of the project team. Along with more conventional control methods, this provided all participants with quick reflex, accurate work status visibility that leads to improved project performance.



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