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  Program/Project Management Experience

Draper & Associates has a long history of leveraging successful methodologies and techniques to deliver complex programs and projects on-schedule and on-budget. Serving as program/project managers, our consultants have helped numerous clients realize results envisioned when new programs and projects are undertaken.

Below is a sample list of engagements for which Draper & Associates has provided Program/Project Management services. Detailed write-ups can be accessed by clicking on the links.



Representative Engagements

Atlanta Housing Authority

Auburn University - Space Management Software Initiative

Georgia Student Finance Commission - Reorganization/Reengineering

Georgia Student Finance Commission - GAcollege411 Implementation

Georgia Student Finance Commission - Transcript Exchange Implementation

Georgia Institute of Technology - Capital Projects Planning

Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games - Overall Program and Project Management

Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games - Logistics Program

Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games - Airport Welcome Center

Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games - Staff Processing Center

Metropolitan Atlanta Olympic Games Authority

Memphis Housing Authority

Alabama Department of Public Health - Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Alabama Department of Public Health - Year 2000 Remediation Initiative

Georgia Institute of Technology - FutureNet

CIIMPLEX Project Management Services

Sales Technologies, Inc.

Ritz-Carlton Hotels - IT Systems Integration

Courtyard By Marriott Reinvention

Atlanta Marriott Marquis Facade Renovation

IBM Product Manager Group - Project Management Services

Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology(GCATT)

EECOMS - Project Management Services

Carolina Manufacturing Systems - Program Management Services

Dallas-Ft. Worth Parking Control System



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