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Spelman College - Work Order Management Process Review

Atlanta, Georgia

  INDUSTRY: Higher Education
  SERVICE AREA(S): Performance Analysis; Business Process Review/Reengineering

Spelman College is a private, independent, liberal arts, Historically Black College for women, founded in 1881, which is located in Atlanta , Georgia . The college has more than 2,100 students from 41 states and 15 foreign countries with a campus of 32 acres housing 25 buildings. Recognizing that their current work order management process was inadequate to effectively support their campus requirements, Spelman College engaged Draper & Associates to conduct a review of the current process.

During this 90-day engagement, Draper & Associates evaluated the current work order management process, the objectives of which were as follows:

  • Provide feedback to Spelman College on the current customer service/work system and its fulfillment of campus constituent expectations.

  • Recommend whether the Facilities Management & Services Department should modify/enhance the current customer service/work order process or procure a new one.

  • Identify and define opportunities to further improve cost-effectiveness relative to the customer service/work order system within the College's environment.

This assessment entailed a combination of fact-finding and analysis directed at the three objectives delineated above. Fact-finding activities included interviews of the proponent staff, and review of pertinent customer service/work order request forms and processes. Additionally, data was gathered and analyzed in order to compare and contrast Spelman College 's customer service/work order request forms and processes with industry best practices. Best Practice Analysis involved quantitative and qualitative indicators of performance, such as workload measures and service level ratios, where applicable. The Review was conducted as fundamentally a three-component engagement: (1) current state assessment and process mapping and/or validation of the current customer service/work order process ; (2) determination whether the current work order system could be reasonably modified/enhanced to address the needs identified in the current state assessment or needed to be replaced; then (3) as a supplemental service, manage the activities to either modify/enhance existing Work Order Management System or replace the current system with an industry best-practice CAFM.

From these activities emerged a listing of twenty-seven (27) specific recommendations supported by the data collection and analysis conducted. One of the recommendations concluded that the existing work order management system was not fully integrated with other legacy systems at the institution and needed to be replaced. As a result, Draper & Associates has been engaged to define the requirements for a replacement work order management system and to manage the procurement process.



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