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University of Massachusetts - Physical Infrastructure Services Review

Amherst, Massachusetts

  INDUSTRY: Higher Education
  SERVICE AREA(S): Performance Analysis

The Challenge

In response to findings in the 2002 Report of the Task Force on the Future of the University of Massachusetts (UMASS) Amherst , the University selected Draper & Associates to conduct a Review of Physical Infrastructure Services. The objectives of this study were to:

  • Review and evaluate operations, maintenance and renovation services based on cost, timelines and user satisfaction.
  • Propose alternatives as appropriate for providing cost-effective, timely and customer friendly services.


The Draper Approach

This study was conducted in two phases over a six-month period. The first phase consisted of a combination of fact-finding and analytical activities directed at the first objective. Activities included document reviews, structured interviews involving campus customers/constituents receiving services and case study analyses involving a variety of OMR projects completed within the previous two years. This phase also included an analysis of both qualitative and quantitative measures of performance benchmarked against a group of peer institutions. The second phase involved the identification of specific opportunities for improvement resulting from the Phase I analysis and the development of summary plans for their implementation.


Results Realized

These plans included identifying strategies for modifying the organizational structure, improving the mix and use of staff and other resources, and implementing alternative methods of service delivery over time.



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