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University of Utah - Housing Master Plan

Salt Lake City, Utah

  INDUSTRY: Higher Education
  SERVICE AREA(S): Construction Program Management

The Challenge

As part of the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee's initiative to host the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, the University of Utah was asked to provide the location for the Olympic Village. This opportunity allowed the University to embark on a steadfast campus "Housing Master Plan", that called for the replacement of existing residence halls and the construction of additional units to house single students as well as married couples and families.


The Draper Approach

Draper & Associates was selected as the program management component of the Master Architect Team responsible for overall programming, design and construction management services. This $172 million program included development of 900,000 square feet of new housing (mix of suite, semi-suite and apartment) and support facilities surrounded by ample green/open areas spread over 63 acres of historic Fort Douglas and adjacent land.

Draper & Associates' primary role was to support the Master Architect Team with program planning and control services. These services included;

  • development of the housing program master schedule
  • analyses and recommendations regarding design and construction delivery strategies
  • recommendations for design and construction packages to optimize competitive pricing opportunities and facilitate site management
  • development of the master design and construction schedule
  • analysis of cash flow requirements to support financial planning and bond sales
  • support to budget planning and modification efforts with regard to alternative construction cost scenarios, financing options and revenue opportunities

Results Realized

Construction of these new facilities was completed in August 2000 to support student housing requirements beginning with the Fall Quarter of 2000. For 17 days, beginning February 4, 2002 , more than 4,000 athletes and officials of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games called these facilities home.



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