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  Affordable Housing Services
  At Draper & Associates, we assist our affordable housing clients with a broad array of services that help address many of their most pressing needs. These services include the following:

Real Estate Management to support development and implementation of programs and policies governing the acquisition, operation and/or disposal of properties within the purview of the Housing Authority.

Contract Administration to ensure contractual requirements are being met by all parties to the contract.

Design & Construction Management to support the development and implementation of Capital Improvements as a basis for optimizing expenditure of maintenance and renovation funds and prioritizing new construction.

Risk Management Inspection services to properly assess and mitigate risk within a multi-family development.

Oversight of Private Management Companies, to ensure compliance with applicable housing authority and federal guidelines.

Capital Fund Assessments, Analysis and Recommendations for capital fund management.

Review, Analysis and Recommendations of Housing Business Processes to identify areas for improvement leading to economies and efficiencies.

Inspection Management to systematically examine properties for compliance with applicable standards or response to resident complaints.

Development of various Risk Assessments to document potential exposures.

Accessibility Compliance Program Analysis, recommendations and management to ensure compliance with guidelines, e.g. Section 504, Fair Housing Act, ADA, and UFAS.

Lead Hazard Management Oversight to mitigate the presence of and exposure to lead hazards.

Energy Performance Contracts Oversight to improve efficiencies and reduce utility costs.

Demolition/Disposition Oversight to remove facilities for replacement housing or otherwise dispose of properties considered excess.

Security Enhancements Oversight to improve resident and property safety and security.

Project Planning & Controls includes development and/or assessment of plans, budgets, scopes of work, project schedules and quality of work reviews.

Section 8 Voucher Program administration to meet housing authority and federal guidelines.



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