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  Facility Condition Audit/Facility Portfolio Investment Strategy

A well-designed and comprehensive Facility Condition Audit (FCA) Program can provide a powerful roadmap for key decision makers at an institution to ensure that financial resources dedicated to facilities management are used effectively by focusing on the most critical facility needs of the campus. Additionally, by centralizing the data relative to facility conditions, the impact of strategic decisions regarding demolitions, renovations and major upgrades can be more easily understood by key decision makers.

Modern up-to-date facility assessments are designed to be closely linked with the mission of the institution. Draper & Associates facilitates the collection of the most meaningful goals of the college or university in terms of "space performance." From these goals are compiled the Baseline Space Performance Standards. From these standards, the team of experts that surveys the campus is able to capture renewal and deferred maintenance data in the context of the priorities of the institution. Measured facility auditing allows for measured results and measured improvement. This is particularly important in light of the fact that there is never enough money to satisfy every facility need. Under this format, the institution is given the tools to make capital reinvestment decisions that produce impact where it is most critical and meaningful to their unique needs.

Many institutions have conducted FCAs. The key to success, however, is what the institution does with the data collected. Draper & Associates develops an FCA program that can be maintained, updated, and altered based on changing needs, but uses the data to develop a comprehensive Facility Portfolio Investment Strategy for effectively integrating and optimizing the planning, funding and executing of CR/DM projects with other capital programs.

Representative Engagements:

Covenant College

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Arkansas



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