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  Development of Facilities Procedures Manuals

As any organization wrestling with the dynamics in today's business environment will attest, the backbone to stabilizing day-to-day operations is a library of comprehensive, clearly articulated, and fully integrated process and procedures manuals. To help achieve the desired operational improvements in facilities management organization, Draper & Associates manages the compilation and issuance of essential Process and Procedures Manuals for various organizations and departments.

Draper has helped create a number of these critical documents. As an example, the manual for a design & construction services department might consist of the following general outline, referencing any appropriate higher authority's manual(s), as required:

  • Departmental Mission
  • Project Management Procedures - Sections for both Small Projects & Large Projects
    • Planning & Programming
    • Project Initiation
    • Budget Preparation
    • Design Phase Administration (Schematic's, DD's, CD's)
    • Solicitation Phase including Bid and Negotiation
    • Contract Preparation & Execution
    • Construction Phase Administration (preconstruction, construction, commissioning)
    • Project Close-out
    • Payment Application Processing
    • Document and File Management
    • Figures (including checklists and forms)

This Manual promulgates approved D&CS procedures for interfacing with campus stakeholders and for management of the design and construction administration processes for capital improvements projects. Additionally, this Manual provides guidance on contract/code compliance requirements, project management administration protocols, workable business processes, and appropriate means and methods for the oversight of design and construction projects.

Draper can manage the compilation and issuance of similar manuals promulgating most departmental processes and procedures.

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