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  Review of Campus Space Management

Space management is a compelling need on college and university campuses in today's environment. Driven by increasing utility costs and rising enrollments, space management represents a cost-conscious alternative to costly capital construction and, for public institutions, a commitment to using scarce fiscal resources in the best interests of the taxpayer.

To help higher education institutions, Draper & Associates conducts diagnostic reviews of space management operations, the objectives of which are as follows:

  • Determine the level of service and the corresponding level of staffing appropriate for managing space on the institution's campus.

  • Identify and define opportunities to improve cost-effectiveness relative to space management within the institution's environment.

The services provided during such a review focus on the space management policies, processes and procedures, structure/organization and technology required to effectively and efficiently manage an institution's space. This combination of fact-finding and analytical activities, along with the engagement team's prior experience in conducting similar evaluations of space management and other programmatic areas within the higher education environment, will be used to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive and integrated diagnostic assessment of the present space management practice (space standards, assignment of new and vacated campus space, decision-making process, etc.) at the institution.

  • Analyze staffing, resources, policies, and practices in the space management functional area.

  • Evaluate the use of existing and/or new technologies to assist the institution in gaining strategic and operational efficiencies in support of key business goals and objectives related to space planning and management.

  • Analyze the appropriateness of activities performed by the proponent staff, as well as their centrality to the mission of the University.

  • Assess the organization and functions of the proponent staff as related to institutional objectives, benchmarks from peer institutions and commonly accepted professional practices of space management in higher education.

  • Measure the institution's space management objectives against actual results and achievements.

  • Develop an attainable and measurable set of specific recommendations for space management performance within the college or university

Representative Engagements:

Auburn University



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