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Colleges and universities are, by their nature, contemplative institutions. Draper & Associates recognizes the special nature and makeup of campus users. We recognize the need to build consensus and have developed several strategies to accomplish this end. Few consultants have an institution's perspective, but our extensive experience in representing higher education institutions, combined with key personnel having been employed by major universities, provides Draper & Associates with an owner-perspective that few other firms can match.

At Draper & Associates, we assist our higher education clients in formulating and implementing solutions to business and management challenges. In today's rapidly growing and demanding campus environment, universities are competing to deliver progressively higher standards of quality and service on short timelines, and in some cases, with fewer resources. We take a service-oriented approach with our clients by providing a broad array of detailed management, financial, and schedule services on complex programs, allowing our clients to make better-informed business decisions in a timely manner.

Draper & Associates' diversity of services provided to Higher Education Institutions and representative engagements are emblematic of the philosophy Draper brings to a client - Accountability - Objectivity - Control.

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