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  Higher Education Services

At Draper & Associates, we assist our higher education clients with a broad array of services that help address many of an institution's most pressing needs. These services include the following:

1. Comprehensive Review of Campus Departments within Higher Education and reorganization/reengineering in order to modernize, streamline and improve efficiencies.

2. Staffing Level Review - Analysis and Recommendations for staffing levels within Facilities Departments.

3. Facility Condition Audits (building-by-building) to support development of a Facilities Portfolio Investment Strategy as a basis for optimizing expenditure of maintenance and renovation funds and prioritizing new construction.

4. Development of various Procedures Manuals to document campus best-practices.

5. Review of Campus Space Management function and development of Space Management Organization to include organization, job descriptions, policies and procedures, and benchmarking against peer institutions.

6. Review, Analysis and Recommendations of Business Processes (including interface processes between CMMS program (internal to the Facilities Department) and Financial Accounting/Accounts Payable, or other internal campus organizations. 

7. Review, Analysis & Development of Supply-Side Energy Management Strategies to improve efficiencies and reduce utility costs.

8. Communications Review and recommended improvements internal to an agency or department.

9. Project Management/Program Management for capital projects in both single- and multiple-project campus environments. Serve as the Owner's Representative to ensure work being performed in accordance with contracts.

10. Construction Project Scheduling working for Owners and/or General Contractors by managing project schedules to monitor (and take appropriate action on) any deviation from the planned completion date.

11. CMMS/CAFM Integration & Implementation which guides clients from the selection of a CAFM software, through implementation and integration, to training and utilization.

12. Software Procurement Management in the event a higher education institution is planning to procure a software application and does, in fact, proceed with an RFP process rather than a sole-source procurement.

13. Qualification Based Procurement Services to ensure the quality and capabilities of construction and A/E service providers.

14. O & M Cost Modeling to assist institutions in forecasting their facility O & M costs.


Higher Education Engagements



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