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The retail building industry includes both build-to-suit and speculative projects in a highly competitive market. They range from single high-end shopping malls to individual retail-chain facilities. Because many involve complex funding and tenant occupancy commitments, construction progress is closely scrutinized. Draper & Associates understands this environment and has a track record of helping its clients achieve success on projects of this nature.

Such complex projects entail unique challenges ideally suited for the approach of Draper & Associates. These types of engagements typically entail tight deadlines and involve coordination among many different entities. Such complexities require detailed planning and oversight. The Scheduling and Project Controls practiced by our consultants have proven invaluable in the successful on-time and on-budget delivery of major retail building construction and renovation projects.

Some retail building projects that have not used Draper & Associates to provide scheduling and project control services experience delays in project completion. In those instances, there are often disputes. Drawing upon their expertise in schedule matters, Draper offers Claims and Litigation Support services to help resolve such matters.

Examples of retail projects are illustrated at the following link .

Retail Engagements



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