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  Accessibility Services

Operators of HUD subsidized multi-family housing and public housing authorities face a formidable challenge when trying to achieve and maintain compliance with the myriad requirements of the Fair Housing Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (including the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards), the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Architectural Barriers Act.

Draper & Associates has been helping organizations to meet this challenge for almost 15 years by providing knowledgeable, experienced Accessibility Specialists who can lead organizations through this complex landscape of overlapping regulations, and facilitate the planning and execution of programs that mitigate the potentially significant risks of non-compliance.

Our Services Include:

Program review

Draper’s accessibility consultants will review internal policies and procedures to determine if they are aligned with current accessibility regulations and standards. They will also assess operational adherence to these policies and procedures by front-line staff and management employees responsible for administering the local accessibility program. The information gathered will be compiled into a detailed report that identifies issues and risks, and recommends actions that should be taken to address them.

Program Design and Implementation

Our consultants have extensive hands-on experience in the development, implementation and ongoing support of public housing and HUD subsidized multi-family accessibility programs. They will create or update policies, procedures and forms; prepare training materials, and conduct training sessions tailored to specific groups within an organization. They will also lead or coordinate the implementation of these policies and procedures, creating metrics and tracking systems to monitor performance and keep implementation on track.

Training - Section 504 / UFAS / Fair Housing / ADA

Everyone employed by organizations operating in the HUD subsidized multi-family and public housing business sector should be familiar with the regulations and guidelines governing accessibility and should also be aware of the consequences of non-compliance. Individuals responsible for developing and executing accessibility programs should be continuously updating their knowledge to ensure that their programs they administer remain in compliance. Draper consultants have the knowledge and experience to develop and deliver accessibility training that is tailored to an organization’s needs, from general information applicable to a broad audience to technical topics applicable to specific positions within the organization.

Physical Accessibility Review

In addition to having the knowledge, skills and abilities to conduct multi-family and public housing Accessibility Program Reviews, Draper’s experienced consultants can also provide Physical Accessibility Reviews. Using Draper’s structured methodology, our consultants will conduct in-depth, checklist driven inspections of affordable housing sites, common areas, and dwelling units. The information gathered will be compiled into a detailed report that identifies accessibility compliance issues and risks, and recommends actions that should be taken to address them.

Compliance Agreement Support

Meeting the numerous, detailed, and time sensitive requirements of a HUD initiated Compliance Agreement is a significant, and potentially costly, challenge for public housing authorities. Draper’s experienced consultants will assist your organization in compiling vital information that your legal team will need to facilitate negotiations leading to a Compliance Agreement. Once the final agreement has been executed, Draper will support the development and execution of a project plan that will ensure compliance with the physical and program changes stipulated in the agreement and with the numerous, detailed reporting requirements.

Accessibility Coordinator

Experience has shown us that knowledgeable individuals, serving as Accessibility Coordinators, can help ensure that local accessibility programs are designed and administered to meet compliance requirements. Draper can provide skilled consultants to fill this role on a contract basis, or we can help organizations to develop this expertise internally. For those who prefer internal development, our consultants will assist in the selection of individuals who have the requisite skills and abilities for the job, immerse them in our proven processes for monitoring and managing accessibility programs, and will facilitate the transfer of knowledge that is essential for success in this position.

Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) Procurement

Draper has the expertise to assist with the procurement of vendors to address the brick and mortar issues identified during physical accessibility reviews. Our consultants are experts in Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) procurement and will guide your organization through every step in the process, from development of the request for proposal through contract negotiation and execution.

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