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  Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning (BCP) is a strategic process that encompasses emergency response, crisis management, and business resumption planning. In order to mitigate risk and help assure continuity of operations, Draper & Associates , along with Inocon Group, a strategic alliance partner with a proven track record of planning, practicing and validating organizational crisis readiness, performs a diagnostic review and evaluation and makes recommendations to assist their client by:

  • developing a strategic plan to manage all of the problems an incident or crisis in one area of operations can create for the organization as a whole,

  • evaluating existing emergency/contingency plans to ensure they address all critical components within an organization, are coordinated and integration throughout the organization and with appropriate external agencies, and recommending solutions to address gaps and shortfalls,

  • training crisis management staff on emergency/contingency plans through the application of scenario-driven exercises,

  • providing prioritized recommendations for the client to address business continuity planning shortfalls

Through the creation of one integrated process for all incidents, tailored to complement an organization's culture, disseminated throughout the emergency response team and practiced via real-time scenario-based simulation, an organization will have a clear, actionable plan that can be kept current through ongoing review, training, rehearsal and application of lessons learned. Draper & Associates, in concert with Inocon Group, can help clients achieve this essential component of business continuity planning.



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