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  Business Process Review/Reengineering

Draper & Associates' business process review/reengineering services assist clients seeking to improve processes and interfaces to gain economies and efficiencies. In providing such services, Draper performs a review, evaluates, and make recommendations on the following (where applicable):

  • General assessment of current manual and automated processes relative to business systems with a focus on identifying opportunities to increase efficiencies through process improvement, data capture and reliability, reporting, system usability and system integration.
  • Specific focus on reporting requirements internal and external to the organization and capability of existing systems to support those requirements.
  • Use of scanning and bar coding for tracking of fixed assets function.
  • Opportunities to streamline accounting functions within software systems, specifically looking to data entry redundancy within the Purchasing module and providing financial roll-up of purchases at the project level.
  • Practices to standardize and create a more customer-centric billing front-end (including labor, credit-card charges, purchased materials, central stores counter releases).
  • Explore technologies to assist Facilities in real-time updates of inventory and spatial information (i.e. as-builts, space classification and assignment, etc.) with goal of improving communications and data accessibility with field personnel.
  • Provide short-term and long-term strategy for data updates, reporting and eventual migration to newer software applications.
  • Review communication procedures for updating interested parties as information is added and/or updated.

Representative Engagements:

University of Alabama

Spelman College




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