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  Contact Center Analysis

In conducting a Contact Center Analysis, Draper & Associates reviews, analyzes and provides recommendations to improve performance and reduce cost in Contact Center functions. By evaluating workforce management practices, Draper confirms staffing requirements by first ensuring effective use of current staff then assessing if additional staff is required. Draper also reviews the use of current reporting capabilities to ensure that appropriate Key Performance Indicators are in place.

This includes:

  • Recommending structure of call prompts, queue structure, staffing requirement, and skill levels relative to providing a customer-focused, efficient, call center operation following industry best practices.

  • Establishing appropriate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) relative to call center reports, manager expectations and front line employee performance; ensuring the Call Center is functioning at optimal capacity and providing benchmarking capability within the industry.

  • Establishing primary call drivers and controls including quality assurance review and creating effective performance improvement plans including assessment of training needs and initiatives.

  • Analyzing supplemental communication channels to promote opportunities for customer self-service and to ensure consistent approach between all customer access media.

Fact-finding activities include interviews of the proponent staff, and possibly pertinent customer segments; additionally, data will be gathered and analyzed in order to compare and contrast the Contact Center processes with industry best practices. Best Practice Analysis involves quantitative and qualitative indicators of performance, such as workload measures and service level ratios, as well as financial indicators, where applicable.

The deliverables resulting from a Contact Center Analysis include a report of findings and recommendations for alternative opportunities to improve service levels and cost-effectiveness. Draper presents recommendations that provide a clear plan for sustainable improvement and progress toward higher service levels.

Identifying the necessary changes to meet new goals and objectives is only half the battle. To successfully capitalize on the work completed in the Contact Analysis Analysis, it must be implemented successfully. Draper & Associates is uniquely qualified to assist a client in this endeavor. We have documented success in not only identifying change, but in implementing the systems and procedures to realize it.



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