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  Claims Analysis & Litigation Support

Draper & Associates' professionals provide claims evaluation and litigation support consulting services to the construction industry and others worldwide.  Our consultants are specialists in the resolution of contract and surety bond related claims and disputes that arise from the design and construction of major capital projects.  Our claims preparation and evaluation litigation support consulting services are provided to owners, contractors, subcontractors, sureties, and law firms in support of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, appraisal, and litigation proceedings.  These services focus primarily on the evaluation and/or preparation, and analysis of claims as well as on the resolution of those claims including expert witness testimony.  Draper & Associates and its consultants are committed to providing you with the services needed to resolve the dispute, in a timely manner, and at a cost effective price.  

For each claim, Draper & Associates assigns a principal analyst/testifying expert who then assembles a team of support consultants whose skills and experience best match the issues and type of dispute being dealt with in the claim.

The Draper & Associates Claims Analysis Methodology

Major components of the Draper & Associates approach to its Claims Evaluation and Litigation Support Consulting Services are:

A more detailed description of Draper & Associates' Claims Analysis and Litigation Support Services is available by clicking here.


Claims Analysis & Litigation Support Engagements



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