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Construction Program Management


The Draper Team has developed comprehensive program and project management skills through their experience in complex and multi-faceted projects. These range from $173 million multi-team, multi-structure educational facilities to serving as the operational staff for one of the nation's most progressive housing authorities. Regardless of the environment or scope, we believe that without a comprehensive management plan, managers have only limited control over the many operations and interrelationships of their system's modules. For this reason, we will always develop Management Plans for all levels of the program and projects. The components of Draper Program Management Plans are:


1. Team building

5. Administration

2. Conflict resolution

6. Management support

3. Planning

7. Technical expertise

4. Organization

8. Resource allocation

These components are applied as necessary throughout the spectrum of services, from programs down to task-order projects. Draper & Associates conducts thorough research through interviews and interaction with their clients to develop programs that meet the near term, as well as long-range goals of the client. Special attention is given to the cultural and value systems of the client organization.

Once the overall Program Management plan is established, the foundation of the Draper program and project management methodologies can be implemented. To ensure timely and accurate completion of projects, execution of project scopes is facilitated through an aggressive and systematic reporting process. These processes are applicable to all facets of the design and construction continuum - from design to implementation.

Draper & Associates' approach to the program addresses the broad categories of work listed below:

  • Capital Improvements Planning & Implementation - development and/or assessment of plans, budgets, scopes of work, project schedules and quality of work reviews
  • Design & Construction Management - management of capital projects that are either self-performed or outsourced to private contractors
  • Reporting - routine and executive reporting
  • Quality Control - consistent implementation of quality control techniques throughout the service period

Our consultants utilize a comprehensive management system for the control of field construction. Specific services offered by our consultants include:

  • Organization of Project Team
  • Architect/Engineer selection
  • Determination of project phasing for fast-tracking
  • Design scheduling and monitoring
  • Claims avoidance/constructibility analyses
  • Management of interface with government agencies
  • Full Life-Cycle Construction Contract Administration

Contracting Phase

  • Development of bidding and contracting procedures
  • Preparation of special conditions and claims avoidance specifications
  • Solicitation and evaluation of bids
  • Preparation and execution of contracts

Construction Phase

  • Scheduling and coordination of contractors
  • On-site inspections
  • Documentation of progress and issue resolution
  • Verification of pay requests
  • Change order control

Operational Phase

  • Occupancy planning and scheduling
  • Personnel familiarization
  • Guaranty period monitoring

A description of representative Draper & Associates' Construction Program Management engagements is available at this link.




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