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  Customer Contact Center

The Customer Contact Center is the front line link between the customer and other business functions of an organization. Ensuring a positive impression and providing a high level of quality customer service is vital; additionally, the Contact Center is a valuable source of customer information and feedback.

Numerous technologies have been developed to enable organizations to operate a contact center in an efficient and cost effective manner. Draper & Associates can assist with implementation of new systems including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), email & fax processing, and Interactive Response Units that link the telephone call to data from your customer systems.

There are also multiple technologies to support back office operations of the contact center including workforce management and scheduling, provide online knowledgebase applications, and provide quality assurance to ensure the accuracy and quality of the information being provided.

These systems must be successfully integrated into the organization to achieve the expected and optimal results. Draper can assist with preparation for new system implementations to ensure maximum utilization of new systems capabilities by defining objectives for outcomes such as metrics, reporting, and information for decision making.

The Draper team collaboratively project manages the process from developing business requirements and request for proposal, to vendor analysis and selection. Once the decision has been made to purchase a system, Draper assists with developing a detailed project plan to map the operational process flows, defining reporting needs, and assisting with procedures and implementation training.





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