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  Assessment Services

The first step in the right direction is determining where you are now.  In order to determine whether an asset should be worked out, sold or completed you need the ability to discern the condition of the property or determine the status of the project.  Further, for incomplete projects, you also need the ability to quantify the costs of completion in order to assess whether continued progress maximizes the ultimate disposition value or if it is just throwing good money after bad.  Here is the stage where Draper’s Assessment Services can help.

Site/Property Assessment – Existing Structures

  • Market/Site Observations
  • Exterior/Interior Structural and FF&E Condition Assessments
  • Repair/Replacement Recommendations
  • Business Observations
  • Receiver/Staff Interviews
  • Observation Photos

Project Status – Pre-Development/Vertical Construction

  • Plan Evaluation
  • Walking Papers/Project Status
  • Pay Draw Reconciliation
  • Pre-Development Schedules
  • Schedule to Completion
  • Cost Estimates to Completion

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