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  Business Solutions

At Draper & Associates, we assist our clients in formulating and implementing solutions to business and management challenges. In today's rapidly growing and demanding business environment, organizations are competing to deliver progressively higher standards of quality and service on short timelines, and in some cases, with fewer resources.

We take a service-oriented approach with our clients by providing a broad array of detailed management, financial, and schedule services on complex programs, allowing our clients to make better informed business decisions in a timely manner.

Draper & Associates' business solutions services are organized in three broad categories:

  Capital Markets Advisory Services


Draper & Associate’s Capital Markets Advisory Services was designed to meet the growing challenges real estate and construction lenders and investors face in the current real estate market upheaval, as well as provide expertise in assessment and status, risk mitigation and project/program management services applicable to current holdings and future lending opportunities.

Borrowing from over 35 years of experience managing projects and programs of all sizes and complexities, Draper’s professionals are dedicated to the service of helping clients assess and quantify their risks and exposure, as well as complete projects to maximize market receptivity.  Draper’s role as consultant ensures total objectivity and complete dedication to the successful completion of our clients’ projects. Our services fall under four broad categories that include assessment, completion, risk mitigation and litigation.


Assessment Services

  • Property/Site Assessments
  • Project Status
  • Schedule to Completion
  • Cost to Completion

Risk Mitigation Services

  • Scheduling & Project Controls
  • Pay Draw Controls

Litigation Support Services

  • Expert Testimony
  • Project Forensic Analysis

Completion Services

  • Owner’s Representation
  • Construction Program Management
  • Construction Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Qualifications-Based Selection Procurement
  • Implementation Management
  • Contract Administration






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