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  Information Management

In today's challenging and complex business environment, information management has become the linchpin in the success or failure of many organizations. Their ability to manage the ever increasing volume of data and information consumes ever increasing resources.

Draper & Associates can help clients meet this challenge in a number of areas:

  • Helping define the essential elements of information which management requires to make informed business decisions addresses separating the volumes of data into those supporting the decision-making process from those that are non-essential. Non-essential, or "nice-to-know" information is time-consuming and often resource-intensive, but at the very least, not a cost-conscious mode of operation.

  • Determining the sources of data/information considered essential addresses focusing attention on the providers of this critical component.

  • Establishing the frequency/periodicity with which management requires the essential elements of information addresses the priorities against which data must be captured and information reported and helps determine production requirements.

  • Defining the reporting requirements helps determine the appropriateness of current processes, systems and procedures in light of communications goals and objectives. The reporting requirements also help define the formats (electronic, paper, automated, customized, etc.) and production requirements by which information will be provided to management.

  • Perform analysis and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information in order to support Executive Dashboard development, determining Key Performance Indicators and developing Employee Performance Plans based upon KPI's and supporting organizational strategy and business goals.

  • Establishing information management metrics provides a means of assessing the efficiency and quality of the overall information management system. Changes can be judiciously applied in those instances where the metrics provide feedback of improvements needed.

  • Establishing an archiving strategy helps determine the disposition of reports and supporting data used to keep management informed.

Additionally, Draper identifies opportunities for improvement in areas such as process flow, staff and resource utilization, the application of technology and overall production efficiency and service quality.

Identifying the necessary changes to meet information requirements is only half the battle. To successfully capitalize on the work completed in the Information Management Review, it must be implemented successfully. Draper & Associates is uniquely qualified to assist a client in this endeavor. We have documented success in not only identifying change, but in implementing the systems and procedures to realize it.



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