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  Needs Analysis

A Technology Needs Analysis is a detailed fact finding and review process that provides a framework to assist key stakeholders in making decisions related to technology implementations. In any technology-driven decision, it is imperative that details are uncovered and documented so an objective, fact-driven decision can be made that best aligns with an organization's overall goals and objectives.

Project Management services Draper & Associates provide to clients in this area generally include:

  • Analysis and documentation of the current customer business and technology requirements driving the technology need

  • Identification of the performance gap between current state and future state implementation of technology need

  • Analysis and documentation of the organizational impact of implementing the technology

  • Cost/Benefit Analysis (ROI) of implementing the technology

  • Detailed findings and recommendations report that supports a go/no-go decision

Identifying the necessary technology needs to meet customer business and technology requirements is only half the battle. To successfully capitalize on the work completed in the Technology Needs Analysis , it must be implemented successfully. Draper & Associates is uniquely qualified to assist a client in this endeavor. We have documented success in not only identifying needs, but in managing the procurement and implementing the systems and procedures to address those needs.

A description of representative Draper & Associates' technology needs analysis services, as the initial phase of a software procurement management engagement, can be viewed at this link.



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