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  Operations Management

Draper & Associates has refined the tools and techniques to assist in managing the day-to-day operational activities within a client's organization. These management processes, combined with Draper's experienced and talented consultants, provide a client which often has the capability but lacks the capacity, with frequently required additional resources to support daily operations. Functioning in a staff-extension role, Draper & Associates staff works closely with the client organization in an intense schedule- and project-based environment to establish and implement process and procedures for improving and streamlining operations.

Benefits to a client organization with Draper providing operations management services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Depth of Expertise - Access to a team of qualified and experienced professionals with a breadth of experience in managing numerous complex initiatives in multiple locations.

  • Cost Savings - Development and implementation of a comprehensive management program to capture cost reduction opportunities, maintain reliability and service quality at appropriate levels, and monitor operational costs and related factors within the organization.

  • Identification of action items or projects that the client may consider pursuing to either control costs or gain efficiencies.

  • Efficient and focused management and reporting.

  • Support of other client functions that require oversight and planning.

Draper & Associates' operations management expertise currently includes the following: Affordable Housing Operations, Higher Education Facilities Operations, Higher Education Financial Aid Operations, and Real Estate Operations.


Operations Management Engagements



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