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  Organizational & Workforce Design

In today's competitive business environment, organizations must constantly review their roles and responsibilities. Often, a new role or responsibility also requires a revised or new organizational structure. Draper & Associates assists clients in organizational design generally through a four-phased approach as follows:



Develop the specific major tasks required to create the desired organization. Specifically, these major tasks will accomplish the following:

  • Develop the organizational structure and reporting relationships
  • Identify and specify policies, procedures, and processes
  • Identify and develop position descriptions
  • Identify and specify fiscal planning and management policies, processes, and templates
  • Design a workload identification and scheduling program
  • Identify and specify information systems
  • Design a personnel training and development program
  • Determine feasibility of outsourcing any of the department's functions



When designing organizational functionalities, the following major activities are the standards for previous successful engagements:

  • Assess and define the functions of the organization associated with the parent organization and related peer organizational interaction
  • Design the functional and organizational structure
  • Develop a consolidated program plan
  • Compile and publish organizational policies and procedures


Implementation Planning

Draper & Associates will create the implementation planning documents necessary to ensure all activities associated with the establishment of a new organization are identified and can be accomplished in an expeditious manner. These documents will address, at a minimum, the following:

  • Create individual and master schedules
  • Identify all required resources to include internal staff, materials, technology, etc.
  • Develop a pro forma implementation budget
  • Identify major and supporting milestones
  • Develop an implementation responsibility matrix
  • Develop a communications plan


Implementation Management

In support of managing the implementation, Draper & Associates will accomplish the following activities:

  • Provide the necessary resources to successfully manage the required activities to establish the new organization
  • Provide periodic progress reports and status briefings
  • Prepare draft communiqués to all stakeholders
  • Establish an in-house presence at a level necessary to ensure proper oversight of implementation activities


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