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  Owner's Representative

Draper & Associates is a recognized leader in providing Owner's Representative Services for Capital Projects. Our Owner's Representative Services are designed to inform and enable a project Owner by monitoring design and construction progress to determine if the work being performed is consistent with programs, budgets and schedules, and ensure that it is meeting the requirements set forth in the contracts with the Owner. Starting with the Pre-Design stage of an Owner's Capital Project, Draper & Associates has the experience and technical expertise to maximize the benefits afforded by whatever delivery approach the Owner chooses to take.

Draper & Associates will assist the Owner with:

  • Development of a project scope
  • Preparing a preliminary feasibility analysis
  • Budget cost estimating
  • Procurement and selection of design and construction services

As a knowledgeable leader in procurement and consulting, Draper & Associates assists its Owner clients in achieving successful outcomes through a competitive procurement process and/or structured negotiation. Draper & Associates can tailor the procurement to achieve Owner goals. From developing the procurement strategy to managing the negotiating, Draper & Associates provides the leadership to guide multi-disciplined teams in successfully implementing any delivery method. The Draper Team can facilitate productive meetings with legal, financial and client representatives, guiding them through the procurement process, which typically includes RFQ's, RFP's, SOQ's, proposals, contract negotiations and contract execution.

Draper & Associates will evaluate alternative delivery methods and their applicability to a given situation; determine if enabling legislation exists; identify reference projects; discuss advantages and disadvantages; prepare benchmark cost estimates for comparison between methods and prepare a schedule that outlines implementation steps. This may require the balancing of the procurement document's technical specifications with innovative and creative approaches to assure the quality of the facility will meet the Owner's requirements. Central to a successful partnership is a carefully developed contractual arrangement between the Owner and the service provider that serves as the framework for desired performance outcomes. Since the content of each contract depends on the type of project and scope of work, contracts vary.

At the onset of the Design Phase, Draper & Associates will assist the Owner with a variety of steps including:

  • Design and planning coordination
  • Plan review for program compliance
  • Cost review with input on material and system specifications
  • Practical alternative recommendations and value engineering
  • Project schedule development

Throughout the Construction Phase of a Project, Draper & Associates will:

  • Develop and maintain a line of communication with all participants on the construction and budget of the project.

  • Represent the interest of the Owner to each of the project participants, providing control and direction to project related activities.

  • Develop and maintain job related files by documenting all meeting transactions, contracts, directions, concerns, correspondence, and activities relating to the project.

  • Undertake recurrent document review to ensure compliance with Owner's work scope and document preparation schedule.

  • Oversee and report to Owner on the activities and interaction by others including design professionals, Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers.

  • Provide Quality Assurance inspections of construction activities on a regular basis to represent the Owner's interests and to observe compliance with approved plans and general and special conditions required in the specifications.

  • Receive and review pay applications, change order requests, submittals, request for information recommendations and correspondence from Design Professionals, Consultants, Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers and the recommended approval/ negotiation/ or rejection by the Owner.

  • Assist the Owner with Contract Closeout including expediting punchlist development and signoff, preparing warranty information and record documentation, assisting with obtaining the certificate of occupancy and project move-in.


Owner's Representative Engagements



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