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  Program/Project Management

In support of program and project management engagements, the customized management systems and processes designed and implemented by Draper & Associates facilitate communication among parties, monitor program/project progress against goals, schedule and budget, integrate status reporting through various management levels, and support decision-making through a facilitated process of issue identification and resolution. The management approach offered by Draper & Associates is based on the concept of "Management by Objectives." Draper's objectives are:

  • To provide a technical and managerial liaison between program/project participants.
  • To identify problems or potential problem areas related to project schedule, technical, or budgetary goals.
  • To implement sound management techniques by which problems or potential problems can be resolved so that program/project goals are met.
  • To coordinate and execute program/project plans, schedules, and budgets to ensure logical project phasing, timely completion of overall and intermediate milestones, and effective cost control.
  • To ensure that the program/project is carried out in accordance with the management objectives by providing strong management support.

A more detailed description of Draper & Associates' project management services is available at this link.

Representative Engagements:

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Utah




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