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  Program Review & Analysis Approach

Draper & Associates consultants utilize a phase approach that has been refined and tested over many program review and analysis engagements. This approach ensures that all relevant aspects of a program are addressed in a comprehensive manner.



Draper applies the analytical framework through a Diagnostic Review process involving detailed and interrelated data gathering, documentation and fact-finding activities covering all aspects of the client's organization, as well as its operational, financial and managerial systems and processes. Industry and Peer Group data/documentation is compiled and reviewed along with that from within the client organization.

  • Engagement Organization and Kickoff
  • Conduct organizational meeting with Project Management Team
  • Conduct organizational meeting with Senior Management Team
  • Documents and Data Compilation and Review
  • Compile and review internal Entity and applicable State documents
  • Compile and review industry and peer group documentation and data
  • Compile and review internal job analysis data and documentation
  • Circulate, collect and compile Job Analysis Questionnaires
  • Compile and review internal operations data
  • Compile and review internal financial documents/data
  • Prepare interview guides and schedules
  • Conduct management and supervisory interviews
  • Conduct staff interviews
  • Conduct constituent and peer group interviews
  • Compile, organize and integrate all fact-finding documentation and data


Draper organizes the data collection and documentation by source and type and structures it to support fact-finding within individual functional areas and programs, as well as across multi-functional and multi-program processes. Preliminary findings are produced in relation to each of the Analytical Parameters described previously. The data and documentation compiled is also filtered to identify and eliminate/adjust-for inconsistencies and/or anomalies that might skew the comparative analysis performed by the Project Team.

  • Draft and refine Preliminary Findings
  • Compile and analyze internal functional data
  • Compile comparable documentation reflecting currently accepted industry practices and standards of professional care
  • Analyze and evaluate internal structural and process documentation
  • Review and evaluate current systems environment
  • Compile documentation regarding best-of-class systems practices and applications within the industry
  • Prepare operational/administrative process flow charts
  • Prepare funds flow and internal control flow charts
  • Prepare Initial Report


Additionally, Draper utilizes a series of structured analyses designed to both add to and further investigate all findings generated. Operational and financial metrics and ratios measuring functional process efficiency, cost effectiveness and service delivery quality within the client organization is developed and contrasted with comparable benchmarks collected from secondary Industry sources, as well as directly from other peer organizations and institutions. The client's organizational structure, operating systems and processes, financial controls and management practices are analyzed within the context of the Analytical Parameters and criteria outlined previously, as well as in comparison with best practices and professional standards of care within the given industry.

  • Compile comparable industry/peer group metrics/ratios
  • Compare and contrast internal and industry/peer group metrics/ratios
  • Compare and contrast internal structure and processes with industry practices and professional standards
  • Compare and contrast internal systems and processes with industry practices and standards
  • Map and compare administrative processes, financial controls and reporting practices against legislative, regulatory and internal policy guidelines
  • Perform trend analysis of current client practices vs. peer best practices
  • Model results of trend analysis into possible future scenarios
  • Blend scenarios into Worst Case - Current - Best Case scenarios
  • Document and Interpret Results of Organizational Analysis
  • Document and Interpret Results of Functional Analysis
  • Document and Interpret Results of Process Analysis
  • Document and Interpret Results of Systems Evaluation
  • Document and Interpret Results of Financial Evaluation


Draper also performs a detailed analysis, mapping and comparing administrative processes, financial controls and management reporting practices with legislative, regulatory and internal policy guidelines within each functional area.

  • Identify and document any gaps or inconsistencies
  • Document and interpret results of Compliance Analysis


Draper uses these interrelated analyses to formulate a series of conclusions regarding opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency with which the client operates and serves its constituents, and to strengthen the stewardship functions of the client with respect to the oversight and monitoring of the distribution of program funds, if applicable. The conclusions reached and analytical tools/models that support them are then used to develop, evaluate and refine a series of specific recommendations.

  • Compile, organize and integrate analytical findings/results
  • Develop and refine draft conclusions and recommendations
  • Prepare Draft Report and Briefing Documents
  • Present Draft Report
  • Refine and finalize findings, conclusions and recommendations based on feedback received from Draft Report
  • Prepare Final Report and Briefing Documents
  • Present Final Report


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