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  Qualifications-Based Selection Procurement

At the outset of most construction projects, it is often difficult for an owner to grasp fully the complexities involved or the variety of professional services that may be required to complete a project. Selecting the services of reputable professionals, such as architects, engineers, consultants, and general contractors should be guided by one primary consideration: the qualifications and capabilities of a firm to meet the specific objectives of the project. The correct selection of professional services will have a major bearing on the quality, cost, schedule, and overall success of any construction project.

Draper supplements our clients’ procurement staff to provide complete management for Qualifications-Based Selection Procurement to hire professional construction services. These include design services (architects and design engineers), construction management (CM At-Risk and Design-Build), and building commissioning services. In providing full-service staff extension to your procurement office, Draper will develop RFP/RFQ documents, advertise solicitations, orient and lead selection committee activities, conduct pre-submittal and pre-proposal meetings, develop and issue clarifications and amendments, check references, assist your selection committee with interviews, negotiate contracts, and document the entire process.

More detailed descriptions of QBS Procurement Services and other of Draper & Associates' owner's representative services are available at this link.


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