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  Qualifications-Based Selection Procurement

There has been overwhelming evidence from the construction industry that, in selecting the services of reputable professionals, such as architects, engineers, consultants, and/or general contractors, clients should be guided by one primary consideration—the qualification and capability of the firm to meet their specific objectives in the project undertaken.  The correct selection of professional services will have a major bearing on the quality, cost, and success of the resultant project.

For this reason, Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) is the procurement method of choice for most higher education institutions seeking to hire professional construction services, such as design, program management, construction management, and building commissioning services.

In contrast to a low-bid selection of commodities, choosing providers of professional services by means of the competitive evaluation of candidate firms’ qualifications is the most appropriate approach when procuring expert services.

Selections based upon competitive qualifications are far more complex than low-bid selections. For this reason, it is crucial that owners—particularly public owners—follow formal and proven procedures to ensure fairness and reduce contestability of QBS decisions.

Every higher education project is unique, with its own technical challenges.  At the outset of most projects, it is often difficult for a client to fully grasp the complexities involved or the variety of professional services that may be required to complete their project.  The approach that Draper & Associates (Draper) takes to provide quality QBS procurement services begins by allying with the higher education institution, as a professional partner, to form a team. Working together, the institution and Draper can define the procurement detail, develop a delivery methodology, and agree upon the level of professional services that will be required for timely and successful completion of the project.

As a professional partner, Draper offers advanced experience in assisting higher education owners and other public owners in Qualifications-Based Selection procurements of professional construction services, including:
  • RFQ/RFP development
  • Project advertising
  • Selection Committee orientation and leadership
  • Pre-submittal meetings
  • Clarifications and amendments
  • Reference-checking
  • Interviewing
  • Final selection
  • Contract negotiations
  • Documentation of the entire procurement process

Experience on a multitude of projects has shown that Draper’s capability to provide QBS procurement services is key to helping ensure a quality, efficient and cost effective project.


QBS Procurement Engagements



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