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  Space Allocation/Relocation/Backfill Planning

Draper & Associates draws on its experience in space allocation planning and backfills in a variety of client environments, including higher education, to serve in a staff extension role to facilitate the planning for optimal use of space. This effort will involves the collection of data to delineate the functional and organizational space requirements associated with occupying a new facility, the corresponding temporary and ongoing resources required to assure continuity of operations, as well as data relative to vacated space and optimal backfill. A key component of the Space Allocation Planning is an analysis of the space being subsequently vacated and development of the backfill plan.

Once the space allocation planning is complete, Draper & Associates can assist a client in Relocation Planning and Execution. Our goal is to provide a client with the quality management and oversight of its relocation activities to minimize disruption to their operations and routine activities. Working as an augmentation to the client staff, Draper's approach is to expedite action related to the project through the use of proven project management practices, techniques and procedures. Draper & Associates can assist the client in every aspect of the relocation process from preparing a project phasing and management plan and scheduling and conducting move coordination meetings to supervising and coordinating move-day activities.



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