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  Scheduling & Project Controls

Draper & Associates' provides unique and comprehensive scheduling and project control services designed to create a schedule-driven project focus. Our consultants have been responsible for providing scheduling and project controls for thousands of projects throughout the world in a wide variety of markets.

Our approach employs systematic schedule control process which creates a formalized flow of project information in a timely and effective manner. The Draper & Associates methodology ensures accountability, objectivity and control and encompasses these major elements:


Overall Project Schedule - Draper’s proven Overall Project Schedules are presented in a Time Scaled Network Logic Diagram Form (CPM), which is designed to communicate the project timeline, key design, permitting, and construction considerations and sequencing from inception to completion.

Draper utilizes a key-participant team oriented schedule development process for creation of the Project Schedule and Logistics plan.  This process thoroughly vets the Program Goals & Objectives to create a schedule driven project focus in the planning, design and construction elements of a key project.


Key Materials Tracker (MATSTAT) - The Key Material Status Tracker (MATSTAT) developed by Draper is a customized database designed to track the materials from design to delivery, independent of the OPS, to support advancing the schedule.


Action Item Agendas (AIA) - Action Item Agendas are developed and maintained from inception and serve as a revolving agenda for Job Coordination (JCM) and Owner/Architect/Contractor (O/A/C) Meetings to focus the team on issue resolution.


Near Term Schedules - Draper’s Near Term Schedules, developed from the Overall Project Schedules, also serve as an agenda: focusing project participants on the Near Term project activities and continuously re-securing near term commitments to support the broader OPS goals and objectives.


Job Coordination & Owner/Architect/Contractor Meetings - Job Coordination Meetings (JCM) and Owner/Architect/Contractor (O/A/C) Meetings include key project participants at various management levels. The JCM’s focus the construction team on the construction aspects of the project, the O/A/C’s serve as a higher-level forum for guiding the project and major issue resolution.  Meetings are specifically tailored to:

  • Update the Schedule
  • Review Project Trend
  • Identify Problems & Issues
  • Plan Solutions
  • Establish Near Term Commitments to support the OPS


Project Progress Reports - Draper’s Project Progress Reports are the result of the JCM and O/A/C meetings, and document the current status, issues, action items, material status and communication of the current work plan utilizing the Near Term Schedules.


Trend Charts - a graphic representation of how a particular key event/milestone is progressing towards completion.


Computerized Scheduling Services - Employing the most current scheduling software technology is imperative for achieving successful projects. Draper's Computerized Scheduling Services ensures that our historical, time-tested methodology is applied and delivered in the most modern of industry standards.


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