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  Website Design

In many organizations, the corporate website is considered an IT function and has been created in a vacuum without consideration for how it impacts other functional areas. Additionally, on many occasions a once robust and useful site is now dated and no loner meets the needs of the organization as it has not been kept current.

At Draper & Associates, we add value to our clients seeking assistance with their website by taking a holistic view of the customer experience and integrating the website into that experience. We believe that an organizations website should not only provide customers with timely and accurate information, but should also be leveraged to improve the efficiency of staff responsible for other customer contacts.

Draper & Associates provides website design services to clients as part of a strategic plan to improve communications and help increase operational effectiveness by accomplishing the following:

  • Evaluating the business processes to understand how the website should function as part of the overall customer experience
  • Develop the overall architecture of the website to allow the client to both communicate the structure of the site and to understand how future changes impact the site
  • Design or revise, as necessary, the content and appearance of the website
  • Design the website to provide a customer-centric experience with easier to locate functionality supporting user requirements
  • Integrate the use of on-line forms, where appropriate, to facilitate data collection
  • Incorporate "Help" text for each field in on-line forms into the website
  • Explore expanding the opportunity to pay additional incremental fees on-line
  • Incorporate a "Forgotten Password" capability to the website as an on-line option
  • Create an "Email box" to contact the client on the website
  • Develop policies, procedures and forms for maintaining and updating the site to ensure the site is kept up-to-date and the proper reviews/approvals are accomplished prior to making changes.

Draper incorporates a consistent "look and feel," use of terminology, and a logical, customer-oriented navigation scheme to its design of websites. This helps promote the "Brand" of the client and provides a website that is logical and simple to navigate by the users.

Examples of representative website design engagements are illustrated at the following link.



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