Semmes Lake Dam

  • Client

    RC Construction

  • Location

    Fort Jackson, SC

Semmes Lake Dam

During a historic flooding event in October 2015 Semmes Lake Dam, located near Fort Jackson, SC, burst causing damage to the area in and around the base and in parts of Columbia, SC. With assistance from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Jackson is currently in the process of reconstructing and replacing the infrastructure of the Semmes Lake Dam. At more than $16 million, this reconstruction project includes the rebuilding of a 970 foot long earthen embankment constructed to current dam safety standards and designed to not overtop during storms up to the calculated Inflow Design Flood Standards. In addition, a controlled concrete outlet works, a 4’ x 4’ outlet gate, and a three stage labyrinth weir are included in the construction. With a maximum height of 29 feet above the lakebed, the three-stage weir is designed to keep a normal pool at elevation. There will be no emergency spillway, as the primary spillway is designed to handle a 100,000 year flood with no overtopping of the dam embankment. With the proposed storage capacity and height, the dam will be classified as an intermediate size dam.

As part of Draper & Associates continued relationship with general contractor RC Construction on its government projects, the firm is currently providing scheduling and consulting services through completion of the project; anticipated in May 2020. Draper’s scope of services includes development of cost loaded Preliminary and Initial Overall Project Schedules in Primavera P6. In addition, Draper is providing monthly narrative reports, as well as updates to the Primavera P6 schedule.